Valess is a meat substitute brand from FrieslandCampina. Without any major identity revision since its 2005 launch, the brand was failing to deliver its unique product proposition: a juicy and succulent alt-meat made from milk.

In addition to being sold in supermarkets, McDonald’s also uses the Valess products for their veggie line in Austria, Belgium, Croatia and the Netherlands. It tastes so real that vegetarian customers have taken to social media to complain that they were mistakenly served actual meat. The new identity needed to live up not only to this deliciousness, but also to become more attractive on shelf to match the high demand for alt-meat in Europe.

Valess has flexitarian families as their main target. Therefore, a sense of togetherness and diversity guided the brand strategy and the identity development. The new wordmark has a friendly and “milky” expression that cues taste, while the joining of its letters reflects a connection with loved ones. The script style adds personality and a homely feeling to the brand world.

The identity incorporates a mix of different typefaces combined in harmony - just like members of a family. And a warm and inviting revised shade of purple, inspired by natural hues, brings distinctiveness to the brand while setting it apart from the snacks category.

Joining this set of distinctive assets, a bespoke tapestry composed of vegetables and kitchen utensils conveys the brand’s take on wholesomeness. These illustrations were brought to life through expressive brush strokes that add a vivid tone to the look and feel. The new packaging design is Valess’ identity cornerstone and encapsulates all its assets in a bold yet wholehearted way.

@ Design Bridge and Partners

Creative Direction: Sam Profeta, Tim Siro
Client Management: Rachel Koh, Pia Facundo
Brand Strategy: Alice Dall
Packaging Design: Wesley Kay

Culinary Identity: Chuck Studios
Lettering: Alan Levett
2D Illustration: Rafael Nobre
3D Illustration: Watermark Creative

Characters Illustration: Tay Yinxue
Digital Creative Direction: Jessica Tan
Motion: Bernadina Renata

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