Hello. I’m Sam and I’m a Brazilian Creative Director. I have been attracted to graphic design since I was a kid - logos, album covers, movie posters and TV show opening titles have always fascinated me. And drawing was my favorite activity growing up.

It was therefore only natural for me to pursue a career in design, and my professional journey started in 2005. Since then, I have had the privilege of working in a range of different types of studios and gained a solid background in packaging design for FMCG - although I don’t limit myself to purely being a packaging designer.

From 2018 I’ve expanded my career beyond Brazil, managing projects and teams across Singapore, Thailand and China, and designing for the Southeast Asian, Indian, Turkish and European markets. These diverse experiences brought me a wider understanding of the world and the symbiotic relationship that design has with culture.

I believe that designers are storytellers. Every single detail in a composition must have meaning and purpose. Besides creating a sense of enchantment, stirring emotions and delivering powerful messages, design can be a catalyst for revolution, helping to make the planet a better place.

My interests beyond design range from drag queen reality shows to hunting down the tastiest burger in town. I can talk for hours about Madonna’s discography, the pros and cons of being an Aries or my travel bucket list. I’m also a big Carnaval enthusiast and it’s my solemn belief that the best music was made in the 70s and 80s. Oh, and I believe mermaids really do exist.

Gold at the Asia Transform Awards

Kartika Sari
(associated with Design Bridge and Partners)
Best Visual Identity from the FMCG sector

Gold at the Istanbul Marketing Awards
Paşabahçe's Aware
(associated with CBA Design)
Best Packaging Design

Silver at the Brasil Design Award
Positive Impact Design

Silver at ABRE Award
Nazca for Men
(associated with CBA Design)
Packaging for Cosmetics and Personal Care

Bronze at ABRE Award
Nazca SOS Resgate (associated with CBA Design)
Packaging for Cosmetics and Personal Care

Gold at ABRE Award
Nazca Eu Escolho Cachos
(associated with CBA Design)
Packaging for Cosmetics and Personal Care