FUTURE FUTURE is a consultancy created by Daniela Klaiman. Dani is a futurist, speaker, innovation consultant and one of the main names in futurism in Latin America. Her briefing came with a challenge: design an unexpected visual identity for her company that could really translate the forward-thinking and innovative approach of her business.

Futurology is a field usually connected with optic-related concepts, like foresight and visioning. Therefore, the identity uses abstract lenses that create new outcomes, disrupt the norm and twist expectations. These optic elements are constantly interacting with the wordmark, generating different versions of the logo and producing fragments that become key brand assets.

The color palette has bold neon hues reflecting the company’s progressive personality in contrast to a warm beige shade that adds a human touch to the identity. The same tension is seen on typography, where digital sans-serif fonts live in harmony with Fleuron - a typeface designed by Mickaël Emile that has organic curvy shapes. This sense of ambivalence conveys the idea of present vs. future and creates an unique vibrant visual language.